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Features & Design


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 spring loaded

Watch the AT&T commerical using a umbrella
click here to see the 60" orange umbrella

                           Umbrella Sizes

2 Adults                                                                                68"  3 Adults
*60" arc =  5 foot span across the top.
(8) 20-inch Interwoven Nylon Panels. Total Body Coverage for 1-2 Adults. 
*13 foot circumference.
(Total outer circular dimension) 

*68" arc =  5.5 foot span across the top.
(8) 24-inch Interwoven Nylon Panels. Total Body Coverage for 1-3 Adults. 
*13.5 foot circumference.
(Total outer circular dimension)

*Black Coated Metal Shaft:   
Virtually Indestructible

(Will not splinter like wood shafts or rust like silver metal shaft umbrellas)

*Important Notice:
No umbrellas are lightning proof. That is, no umbrella can protect you
from a lightning strike.
You should always exercise extreme caution when using any umbrella outdoors during
electrical storms or the threat of severe and/or unstable weather, etc.

*Gust Return Feature
                (Up to 40 mph!)
If they flip inside out, they are spring loaded and WILL FLIP BACK into correct shape.



*Blocks up to 90% of the Sun's UVA & UVB Rays!

 UVA/UVB meter showig only 0.1% of the rays came
 trough the umbrella canopy.

These umbrellas have 190T interwoven nylon that also block out 90%
of the UVA and UVB rays.  This allows your umbrella to be used in sunshine as well as rain.

*Stronger Reinforced Clasp and Safety Button!







*Stronger Reinforced Acrylic Handle!

RainGames® umbrellas are the same umbrellas used on the LPGA and PGA tour.  These are not
the less
expensive silver 5mm shaft that you see in normal stores.  These have the 14mm shaft with the spring loaded top
creating the gust return feature.

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