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Below are just a few examples of 
customized/promotional handles
that we have provided for our 
many satisfied customers.

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email us your logo and we can put it on YOUR customized handle
          customized handles promotes church, business and school spirit!

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"Yes we WILL ship just ONE"  Pittsburgh Steelers Commemorative
CUSTOMIZED  UMBRELLAS  -- Every Steelers Fan can use a Super Bowl UMBRELLA!

Pittsburgh Steelers Commemorative CUSTOMIZED UMBRELLA Handles 

Pick your umbrella style and customized handle for ONLY $14.95
Limited Supply

       handle 1
 handle 2
 handle 3

 handle 4

handle 5

 handle 6 handle 7












































Whatever You Need -
We'll Handle It!
Linda, Deana, Megan, Todd, Margaret or John
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Yes: we WILL ship just ONE!!!
Shipping customized umbrellas around the world since 1994
Shipping to countries across the world:  
We offer US Postal, UPS and FedEx to countries who have these services.
Any import charges are the responsibility of the customer at the time of delivery

*Customer pays freight costs. Shipping charges vary depending on destination and quantity shipped.
Shipping to Canada will be via FedEx, UPS or US Post Office.  The customer is responsible for custom and
duty fees outside the United States. 
There is a 30% return fee. Customer covers the shipping charges.  The umbrellas must be returned unopened
and unused within 15 days of the invoice date.  No customized umbrellas can be returned.
Thank you for your SUPPORT and BUSINESS.