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Fund Raising Program Click Here


  "Yes we WILL ship just ONE"   
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Serving  for over 20 years -- US        #1 Fund Raiser in 2013--UMBRELLAS            

Text Hotline 870.761.5051  Call up till 8 PM central time for additional details. 
Contact us 7 days a week -- Direct Cell Phone: Deana Fletcher: 870.316.1340
800.931.3609  48" as Low as $5.95 Each


Available in Blue, Green, Black, Red, Orange, Maroon, Pink and Brown--
Limited Supply on these new STAR Design Umbrellas

                    NEW INK TRANSFER
Put any picture on a umbrella canopy or handle
                                                           [email protected]
  Customized            Umbrellas 

                                                                                            Available Softball & Baseball Umbrellas
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 Ink Transfer your image on to the umbrella

 create a customized handle   put any picture on the HANDLE!

"Our Best Fund Raising Program Ever! 
   We made more profit per item, plus umbrellas are product that people will use and enjoy" 
                              Cindi with the Clearwater School System 
RainGames USA offers a proven, virtually risk free fund-raising program
featuring a product (UMBRELLAS) that everyone will use, appreciate and remember!
Our program is designed to maximize your fund raising return. 
We provided over
9,800 schools, churches and teams UMBRELLAS as their fund raiser product in 2012.

Call us today to discuss your program.
We have helped schools, teams, clubs,
religious organizations, scout troops,
etc., to raise thousands of dollars.





"Best Fund Raiser we ever did -- made $10 profit per umbrella
sold over 68% of the football teams family umbrellas with their son's picture on the umbrella"
Mike Sims Batesville MS


every Sr received a school logo umbrella
Here's How The Program Works:

STEP 1:   Select your umbrellas

Select the Jumbo Golf Umbrella of  your school, church, business, team color
- you can even add a  Customized Handle  or Screen Print promoting  your event,
team, program, school, church,etc.

STEP 2:  Donations/Selling

Start pre-selling as soon as you select your umbrellas. 

(We recommend that you sell each
umbrella from $25.00 to $30.00)

USE this PROVEN "Donation" EXAMPLE:

"Hi, I am ______________ from (state your organization)." 

"I know you are asked for donations all the time.  We also are asking for a donation for our
(event, team, program, school, church, etc.).  The donation amount is 
(state the donation amount) (we suggest $25.00 to $30.00)

The difference is when you give us a donation we will give you in return for
donation a 60 inch jumbo golf umbrella.  These umbrellas are sold in many Pro Shops
for $45.00 to $50.00.  Plus you will show your support for our program everytime you
use the umbrella, as it is in our colors."

"Thank you for supporting our program."

It Doesn't Get Any Easier! click on to email   any sales executive
       [email protected]    
  [email protected] 
           [email protected]
                                                 or CALL toll FREE   800.931.3609  
school Sr Picture

     Customized Handle
customized card & how it appears on the handle

wood baseball handle can be laser etched

This is a great way to generate revenue and provide
a product
that people will actually use and remember.

Customized Acrylic Handle

                                                          customized handle & screen print






               48"  60" & 68"                       Now Available

umbrellas screen printed




customized handle & screen print


                                      Screen Print

screen print can be a logo and/or words

Call  John, Margaret, Megan, Todd, Deana 
or Linda for complete details and information!
1-800-931-3609 /
outside U.S.

Also ask about our FUND RAISER
golf shirts, T-shirts, travel bags,
gym bags and hats specials!!!!


Community Spirit --

The people at RainGames are devoted to our families and our community. We have kids
in school too -- and we know what  it's like to try and raise money for worthwhile causes.

We designed this program to take the guess work and headache out of the fund raising process -- 
Plus It REALLY Works!



Rush screen print available:   
    art set-up and screen plate fee 
1)   Shipping within 1-5 days from you approving your print example-
       art set-up and screen plate fee $65 for 1-5 days
2)   Shipping within 6-10 days from you approving your print example-
      art set-up and screen plate fee $50 for 6-10 days

Normal 3 to 4 week shipping:
art set-up and screen plate fee 

1)   Shipping within 3 to 4 weeks from you approving your print example-art set-up and screen plate fee $45

Screen Print Color Cost:  
printing on (1) panel, as shown below on umbrella examples,
Two-Color printing available depending on the logo. (call for details)

Please send art in one of the following formats for screen printing purposes.

NOTE:  Vector art in one of the following formats:
1. Adobe Illustrator  9 or below format.
2. Freehand 10 or below format. 
3. Corel Draw 12 or below.

NOTE: Bitmap art in one of the following formats: 
1. Minimum 300dpi at actual size or bigger.
Adobe Photoshop 6 or below format.
4. EPS

*****  Microsoft word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Printshop ect. gif, jpeg files are rarely usable.
Unusable art will have to be recreated at an additional cost and will add to production time.

Please respond promptly to request for artwork; failure to respond may cause a
delay in production of your order. A delay in production may mean a delay in shipping.

Art and plate charges will apply to each creation order prior to production. 
Normal 3 to 4 week ship time $45 for first time art and plate fee, $35 for re-order plate fee.  

If you should have any questions please feel to contact us at 800.931.3609

All orders must be paid in full before the umbrellas can be screen printed.

      RainGames staff e-mail's
[email protected]             [email protected]
[email protected]           
[email protected]



                                    Leave a voice message all calls are sent to our cell phones.
               We will contact you 7 days a week up to 8:00 PM Central Time Zone

To better serve you -- you can contact us on our cell phones up to 10 PM Central Time: 
Deana Fletcher 870.316.1340  John Aycock 870.761.5051  Linda Aycock 870.761.0999  

                            RainGames USA
                                      5510 Stadum Blvd 
                                   Jonesboro, AR 72404

                              e-mail monitored frequently!
       Office & Administration: 1-800-931-3609 / Fax: 870-931-7867
                Outside the US or LOCAL call 870.931.7866
Office Hours Monday-Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time Zone

Yes: we WILL ship just ONE!!!
Shipping customized umbrellas around the world since 1994

*Customer pays freight costs. Shipping charges vary depending on destination and quantity shipped.
Shipping to Canada will be via UPS or US Post Office.  The customer is responsible for custom and
duty fees outside the United States.  There is a 30% return fee. This fee covers the shipping services  
of removing umbrellas from inventory, the shipping box, boxing the umbrellas and shipping. This also
covers the return services of removing the umbrellas from shipped box, checking umbrellas and restocking. 
The umbrellas must be returned unopened and unused within 30 days of the invoice date.

Also ask about our golf shirts, T-shirts, travel bags, gym bags and hats specials!!!!

There are times when the only ITEM that will do is one that has your LOGO and information on it.  A big part of RainGames's business
is supplying customized products to everyone from neighborhood bakeries to Fortune 500 companies.

Tell us what your needs are - from youth soccer teams to specialty retail stores to the largest corporations - we do it all. Customized
products are the path to better employee moral, CLOSER relationships with your key clients and more brand recognition for your company. 
Call and tell us your needs so we can make it happen for you.

All of's products are made with interwoven nylon.  Are you thinking of getting that less expensive umbrella, travel bag or chair? 
All umbrellas, travel bags and chairs look the same.  It’s not what you get, but what’s missing that counts.  Just remember, it’s less expensive for a reason.

*Customer pays freight costs. Shipping charges vary depending on destination and quantity shipped.
This program may be withdrawn at any time without notice.